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Konstantin Pervukhin

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Hello, my name is Konstantin, I am pleased to present you my services as a math tutor for students from grades 1 to 11. Tell us about yourself: 1. More than five years of experience 2. Graduated with honors from the Lyceum with in-depth study of mathematics 3. Successfully passed the exam (250 points) 4. Graduated from NRU ITMO University in St. Petersburg 5. I easily find a common language 6. I work through the material covered 7. I have a lot of positive feedback 8. I tell everything in a simple and understandable language In the work of a tutor, it is very important to explain the material in an understandable language, often teachers simply pronounce what is written in the textbook. I, based on my experience in school, remember how I successfully memorized and understood various topics using logical thinking and associations. The result is noticeable after the first session Classes take place online, as well as in person in Cyprus, I live in the city of Larnaca First trial lesson - 10€/30 minutes Online price - 40€/60 minutes Offline cost - 50€/60 minutes

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