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Anymaster for stores — enhance customer service experience

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We streamline after-sales services, including deliveries, assemblies, and installations
Delivery speed
• Ensures swift home deliveries within 2 days.Efficient logistics to meet customer expectations.
Established cycle
• Streamlined warehouse-to-home delivery process. • Increases the value of turnover by minimizing delays and costs.
After-sale service
• seamless assembly and installation services provided. • Quick response to any post-purchase concerns.
How it works?
We provide an application for your Customer service and API for the online store, where orders are created and go to Anymaster. Available trusted professionals from our app do the job as soon as they receive the order.
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Enhanced customer experience
Enhanced customer experience
Well-organized store service leads to happier customers. This has a positive impact on the overall image of the store and customer loyalty.
We help increase satisfaction without compromising retailer profits
Customer satisfaction speaks
Tried to order online. First of all, the website is so laggy it causes pain to use it. Though the biggest problem is their delivery time. Currently they say it's 10-17 working days, but funny thing is they can't even deliver stuff in the time range that they promised. Customer support is a joke. Questions like "when wil I have my order" are answered with phrases like "wait until Friday", then "wait until Friday afternoon", then they just don't pick up phone anymore. It has to do with the fact that they outsource delivery to another company, but it seems like they have no control or information over it, or they just don't care. Honestly, it's better to order from IKEA, at least you'r not going to have to wait for an eternity to get your order. No discount is worth this much hassle. Never going to shop here again
The service provided by this store has been extremely disappointing. Their employees have shown a lack of professionalism. Despite placing an order and being promised a call back, we waited for two months without receiving any communication. We even visited the store three times, and each visit was met with excuses about system issues. The return process for defective items involved long queues. We strongly advise against making any purchases from this establishment.
Excellent, I asked about delivery in exact time, and it was in time. It's so rarely in Cyprus. Thank you!
Came on time, assembled fast, was friendly and treated items with care, highly recommend him!
Came on time, worked quickly and clean, very good job, and a super nice person! Highly recommended!
Great comms and friendly service. Would highly recommend
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